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The yarn I ordered Monday arrived on Wednesday (go Jimmy Bean Wool!) and I sat down and whipped out the hat in 2 hours. Here are the final pics:

Still finishing up the pattern if anyone is still interested. Let me know!

Drat, no more yarn!

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So much for doing the crochet version this weekend. I searched all my nearby yarn shops for another skein of the gray, and no one had it. I asked one shop (listed as a carrier on Blue Sky Alpaca's site) when they might order in more and was told (quite rudely) that it was almost spring and they wouldn't be ordering any more wool.


So I had to go online and order some. Dye lot won't be the same, but I will worry about that when the time comes.

I did have someone ask how I made decreases in the Tunisian hat. I was constructing the hat so the row would go from brim to top. I would have the brim in my right hand and the top in my left. I planned on leaving a 2" diameter gap at the crown where I would simply crochet in the round to close up the top of the hat.

I chained 14 stitches, and would work 12 of the stitches, 10 of the stitches, 12 of the stitches, then 14 again. I did this til the brim was wide enough to fit my head.

So, no more pics until I get my order. Hopefully it will arrive before the end of the week. I will keep you all informed. I will also post a pattern once I am done.

Stay tuned!

The sega of the hat

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So lunch on Wednesday, after all the excellent suggestions from the crafties on Craftster, I just went with the Tunisian thing. I wanted to do a whole skein of a swatch before I made any judgment calls. So here is the Tunisian:

After skein ran out, I just sat and stared at it. It looks REALLY close. It has the "bubble rib" thing going.

So then rina was fabulous enough to go and swatch a single crochet round and post her pic. That got me thinking again, and I undid a few rows and chained a small round of 14 stitches and SC from the inside, so the WS appeared on the outside. (Is that what you were thinking rina?) So here is that.

My only issue with the SC is that the ribs slightly twist. I noticed it on my swatch (even is the picture didn't bring it out) and on rina's swatch. So I think I will pick up another skein of the Grey Wolf and try out an entire crochet pattern. Which ever one I don't like will be toaded (frogging is for knitting, I decided toading is for crochet, who's with me!?) and will become the ear flaps.

Also did some 8-strand braiding.

This is the ties coming down from the ear flaps. I know it's not exact, I suspect they used a 6 strand version, but I like it!

Craft Night Update

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Tuesday night has become a craft night for me and a friend. I usually go over to her house and lug along a tone of different projects and we sit and watch Tivo episodes of Heros. Never seen the show before, and I am still a little lost, but it is fast becoming a favorite.

Last week I brought along the wallet chainmaile I am working on and Devon, her son, immediately was interested. I taught him the weave and set him to work on my chain. He added a good 4" to it for me while I taught him.

He mentioned last week he wanted to do something finer for his girlfriend, so I brought some 18g and 20g steel wire with me last night. I showed him how to wrap the wire and cut the rings, and also showed him some weave pictures he could try out.

I also worked on a bracelet I started for T's boss. I had decided on the Conundrum weave and had started it on Saturday. Tuesday night T mentions that the Boss likes red, and it would be cool if I could incorporate red into the bracelet.

Lucky for T, I had some red coated copper wire. So Tuesday night I set to work replacing some of the steel rings with red ones.

Here is the bracelet thus far.
My apologies for the blurry-ness of the picture. My camera battery was about to run out and I didn't get a chance to adjust the lighting or flash.