Thought I should mention...

7/15/2006 0 Comments »
I didn't just up and start crafting with this blog! No, no, no. I started blogging my crafting endeavors on You should go over and check it out. I might one day import all of those entries into here, but for now I will just keep them separate.

Anyway, thanks for caring! Or if you don't actually care, thanks for stopping by at least.


7/13/2006 0 Comments »
what do you all think of my new blog template? It took some playing with, but ta-da!

Any hints, suggestions, comments, critiques?

Keep happy.


7/12/2006 0 Comments »
So I have given up on BlogDrive and have decided to move my craft blog over to Blogger. Just a little more user friendly and easier to use. I also like to change up my templates quite a bit, and was having a harder time editing code with BlogDrive.

But enough about that! You came here to read about craft stuff! And so you shall, after I have finished playing with this new blog template.

:) Stay Happy!