Crap... another hobby

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I've wanted to do tatting for a while, and finally got a shuttle and cozied up to You Tube for some tatting tutorials.

Eh, not really my cup of tea.

Then I saw a tutorial on Instructables by TotusMel for a Flower Pendant. Beautiful, and what is this? Needle Tatting? Must learn more.

Needless to say I was intrigued. I found a needle I could use and got some thread and whipped this baby up during my lunch break! Turned it into a zipper pull.

Like I need another hobby.

More Table Runner

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It keeps going and going...
I am close to the finish on this! I did have to rip it back a couple of times to just past the half way point to try and flip the image, but somehow I still ended up mirroring it. I finally threw my hands up in disgust as I have no more time to try and do this stupid little concept that only I would notice before this is due as an xmas gift. So it is what it is.