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So I create this nice new site, and then nothin'! I felt bad, so here is a somethin'. I made this for my sister last year. Each year I try to make them something hand-made, but many years I get lazy and/or run out of time so I resort to buying their love and admiration. This year is one of those years, last was not.

Emily had a thing for Emily the Strange. The attraction was the following: Same name, Dark hair, Different, Loved cats. 'Nuf said.

It was during my One Skein Wonder faze that I decided what would be the perfect gift for my sister. So I took the One Skein Wonder pattern and added a little somethin' to the back; and Strangeness was born:

If you blur your eyes just a little it looks just like her! I finished just it time to get it mailed off to arrive on her b-day. This year her b-day has come and gone and I am still searching for the perfect gift...

Anyway, details on the Strangeness:
Pattern: One Skein Wonder by Glampyre Knits

Yarn: (Have to go home and check)K, at home. I used Rowan Handknit (DK) Cotton in White (263), Red (215), and Black (252).
Notes: Make sure you take into account that rows are usually shorter than the columns of stitches, and your chart may come out looking a little 'flat' than what you had pictured. I also had to play with the arm increases as they came very close to my picture in some areas.

I need to gather up my other OSW's to post on here. I did a lacy pink one that I absoulty love.