Drat, no more yarn!

2/05/2007 0 Comments »
So much for doing the crochet version this weekend. I searched all my nearby yarn shops for another skein of the gray, and no one had it. I asked one shop (listed as a carrier on Blue Sky Alpaca's site) when they might order in more and was told (quite rudely) that it was almost spring and they wouldn't be ordering any more wool.


So I had to go online and order some. Dye lot won't be the same, but I will worry about that when the time comes.

I did have someone ask how I made decreases in the Tunisian hat. I was constructing the hat so the row would go from brim to top. I would have the brim in my right hand and the top in my left. I planned on leaving a 2" diameter gap at the crown where I would simply crochet in the round to close up the top of the hat.

I chained 14 stitches, and would work 12 of the stitches, 10 of the stitches, 12 of the stitches, then 14 again. I did this til the brim was wide enough to fit my head.

So, no more pics until I get my order. Hopefully it will arrive before the end of the week. I will keep you all informed. I will also post a pattern once I am done.

Stay tuned!

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