Still jamming

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Still knitting away on that big blue sweater. It takes about 8 minutes a row, and each row adds about 1/8" in length. So, it is going to take a while. I would like to focus exclusively on this project, but the repetitiveness of it takes it's toll.

As a break, I continue to work on the Blue Crochet Motif top. I have completed 18 of the 30 motifs needed, if I decide to do the sleeveless version. If I want sleeves, I figure another 16 to 20.

I also started on making some gloves for a son of a friend. Pictures to come of that.

I also got back into chainmaile. I spent all day Sunday hunched over my 1/4" and 3/8" dowels wrapping 14g galvanized steel wire. After I have wrapped 8" (or until my blisters become to painful to continue wrapping), I then get out my Dremel and start cutting apart all the individual rings. I decided to do a Byzantine Weave with 3 center links. Similar to this picture:

I now have about 14" woven or knitted. I am planning on making a 24" wallet chain to attach to a leather wallet I got for free from the Love Ride I went on back in November.

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