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I have been working on a lot of blue projects lately. Or it may be that I have been working on 2 blue projects lately, just one of them has been giving me problems so I have had to restart it several times.

Here is the problem project:
I was making this for a family member. I cast on 198 stitches and worked it circular until the arms, and split off and worked the front. I was following the directions oh so carefully, and when I had Family Member try it on, it grew. It stretched and grew a TON. So I ripped it down until it was at the arms and then started my way back up. That was when I realized how long it had been since I had initially started this project, put it down, and restarted it. When I had first started this, I wrapped the yarn around my needles the wrong way and the stitches came out crossed. I had done about 7" like this when I set the project aside for a while. By the time I came back to it, I had figured out my cross stitched dilemma and had corrected my knitting. I had continued on my merry way not realizing I had two stitch types going.

So I ripped back to 3", figured that would be fine as the usual tighter rib at the bottom of garments, and would work my way back up. At this point the project had been going on for a year and a half. Anyway, as I am reknitting, Family Member mentions he no longer likes pull-over sweaters and now prefers cardigans. So I rip back to the initial cast-on stitches, and work back and forth making it a cardigan. I get about 7" up on that one when I now realize I have tightened up my stitches, and Family Member has gone up a size from L to XL. So with my new tight stitches and his new, um, not so tight midsection, I needed to start all over. I found a new pattern in Knit 1 which calls for a different gauge yarn, but I re-mathed everything and got going. So this is the point I am now at.

I now have about 350 stitches on the needles and did a 3" furrow rib, then did a standard stock. I am hoping I won't need to redo this ever again. All my calculations and measurements had better be dead on from here on out!

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