Double Knitting

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I've done double knitting in the past. I've not done anything harder than just double knitting sleeves in the round on straights becasue I was lazy and didn't want to go digging up my circulars or double points.

I found a beautiful blanket on Ravelry that is celtic knots. The one on Ravelry is crocheted, but I got to thinking how pretty it would be knitted. So I charted out some knots and was about to start when I remembered a knit stitch is not square, it is shorter than it is wide. So I thought 'no problem, I'll knit the square blanket in the round.' Then, then the light went off above my head. Why not double knit it? Why not? So I did some quick research and brushed up on the concept of double knitting. Turns out knitting a square in the round via double knitting is not hard as I thought, it's double hard!

I tried to cast on the red and black together, but quickly saw that was not going to work. Then I had the idea to knit each color separately until it was time to start swapping colors. That worked out great until I went to combined the two on the same needles,. It very quickly became apparent that as I knit the two separately, I was knitting counter-clockwise. When placed back to back, they spiraled around in opposite directions. Grrr.

So then I remembered that I had taught myself to knit backwards as I hate turning my work to purl if I am just doing straight stock-stitch. So I cast on the black and knit it normally for 6 rounds, and cast on the red and knit it backwards (knit clockwise) for 6 rounds and joined the two together and started double knitting on my merry way. The only problem I am now encountering is what increase method to use. KFB is leaving a purl looking stitch I don't much care for. I am going to try M1F and M1B to see how that looks.

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