Rowan Butterfly

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Finally jumped on the Butterfly band-wagon. My Uncle's wedding was on October 19th, so October 1st I decided I wanted to wear Butterfly. I ordered Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Stream, some Knit Pick interchangeable needles (love how pointy the tips are) and navy blue beads. I got a size 10 bead, and ended up having to make my own bead hook out of 26 gauge wire. I choose to slip the bead on where I wanted it instead of stringing them on to begin with. As I am to OCD to allow the beads to 'randomly' appear on the dress, I instead opted to add a bead to the center of each 'diamond'. I also added a bead to each knit stitch in the top hem ruffle. It added quite a bit of weight to the dress, which is what I wanted.

I also bought a slip pattern and fabric a shade lighter than the yarn to wear underneath. I was going to have the two separate, but once again OCD kicked in and I didn't like the difference in necklines. I ended up whip stitching Butterfly to the slip's neckline. This also enabled me to use the slip's straps and saved me from knitting straps only hours before the wedding. (I finished at 11:30 the night before the wedding!)

I knitted in the round instead of seaming the sides. I did make some cap sleeves for it, but was told it made the dress look too granny instead of old-fashion. I knit 10 inches of the hem and added a short-row cap to the top to rest on the edge of my shoulder. I may still put the sleeves back on. I will have to think on this longer.

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