Finally, some pictures and a FO!

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First, I will reference this old post from my first knit & stuff blog. I'll wait for you to read and come back:

Second, I will now post these pictures:

Perhaps you would like to hear the tale?

Well, this sweater was commissioned by a co-worker of mine about a year and a half ago. I had finished up a pink one of similar construction for her granddaughter, and she had asked me to make a blue one for another grandgirl. So I was about where I was as pictured in my old blog, when co-worker just up and quit with no warning. She did contact me once, about a month later, and said she was still interested in getting the sweater as I had already bought the yarn and started on it. However, I have not heard from her since and don't have a way of contacting her.

So anyway, I pondered the problem of mismatched dye lots and decide to do the button panel, bottom rib, and the collor with the lighter color, and do 1 row of each with the lighter blue and the darker blue. So that is where the striping comes in. The sleeves were done with a third ball that was a medium blue. I have never seen such variety between 1 yarn type! This was all the same brand and color on the label!

So here is my summary:

Pattern: Own
Yarn: Bernat Cotton Tots, Blue Berry
Time: 19 months
Stitches used: 1x1 rib, stock, seed, crochet cast off.
Knit flat til arm holes. Front and back knit seperate and crochet seamed at sholders. Back of collar stitches put on holder and front picked up on each side. Arms knit flat and matress seamed.

This yarn has a tendancy to pill. Just knitting it up it devloped a haze all over. The buttons I found at JoAnn's Fabric. I actually planned on having all blue flowers, but lost the second card of buttons. When I went back to JoAnn's (a year later) they no longer carried that style of button that I could find. I found the butterfly ones, which worked out perfectly as the flowers were a darker blue and matched the darker shade of the yarn, while the butterflies match the lighter shade.

I brought it to work to show to a friend, and another co-worker saw it and asked how much it was. I told her the price I had quoted the other lady over a year ago, and ended up selling the sweater! How perfect.

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Tallguy said...

Oh-oh! And whatever happened to the original lady that wanted the blue sweater? She got nothing? OMG!

You ARE making another one, right?